4 ways Shopping is good for you.

Retail Therapy. It’s real.


Retail Therapy is used as an excuse by all the shopaholics out there, but did you know that retail therapy is real? According to research, there are four ways in which shopping can boost your mood. Firstly, it helps ease major life changes. It’s a form of mental preparation for welcoming the new through visualization and preparation for what is to come. Secondly, shopping is known for being a sure mood uplifter. We all can vouch for that. Be it unpacking a parcel from an online store or trying on a new dress. Moods are definitely bright here, no doubt about that. Thirdly, the entire shopping process is known to increase your dopamine levels. Trying on the perfect dress that you’ve been dreaming of is an experience like no other. Lastly, new outfits and good dressing are said to make you feel more confident.


The entire process right from entering the store to picking the right outfit to owning it, is therapy for the mind. It involves preparation, visualisation in when to wear the purchased items, how to put it together, accessories and in doing so, they are visualising a new experience. Visualisation is a great anxiety reducer.

The purchases themselves are just a tiny part of the experience. The visualisation and preparation process makes people feel in control and more excited about bringing in the new. This explains why we go into an ikea store for a table lamp and come out buying furniture for an entire room.


Retail therapy is also a great way to relax, escape and rejuvenate. It’s like a mental vacation env if it means just browsing through online stores or window shopping. Smart shopping is essential though, be careful not to become a shopaholic as it might lead to a whole lot of stress.


So go ahead, get yourself something new, relax,take a break and go on a mini mental vacation and have a look at our beautiful business bags – they are sure to boost your confidence and your mood every day at the office