The Ethos of My Best Friend is a Bag is simple:

A BfB bag will be fabulous, fashionable and functional.

It will also be practical.

It will be reasonably priced.

It will be made to the highest standards which means it will age well.

It will have numerous side pockets to carry your phone, your personal organiser, your glasses, a camera or any other one of those multitude of things that we need to carry around on a daily basis!

It will have a special attachment for your car keys – no more rummaging around in the bottom of your bag.
It will come with a padded sleeve for your laptop, ipad or writing pad and will still have plenty of room for all your personal bits and pieces.

It will have handles of just the right length to either wear over your shoulder or carry in your hand plus a detachable shoulder-strap for those times you need to be ‘hands free’.

But what will really set a BfB apart from other work bags will be the shapes, colours and textures. A Bfb will show you’re a business person who’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

At My Best Friend is a Bag we believe that just because you mean business you don’t have to abdicate style.

Janie Bartlett is the owner of My Best Friend is a Bag.

We are based in Melbourne Australia where our bags are designed and put through their paces. We therefore know from experience, that your BfB will support you through your busy day and will look as professional last thing at night, as it did first thing in the morning.