Best Women’s Travel Bags

Why our Bags are so great for Travel

I’ve been overseas twice in the last 2 months.    First trip was to an Accessory and Materials Fair in Hong Kong and then onto the factory in China to brief in our next fabulous range of Women’s Business Bags.  The second was to Bali with friends for a week of total over indulgence! For both trips, our bags proved invaluable.

Travel Bag for Women

Firstly, the business trip: This time I didn’t take a Lindsay Laptop Bag, my usual Business Travel Bag. I took everything I needed in one of our Michelle Totes. I managed to fit a 13” laptop, my iPad, all my travel documents (passport, boarding pass, itinerary), my makeup bag, my wallet, my phone, pens for filling out landing forms and when we landed, the extra layer of undergarments I was wearing when leaving Melbourne where it was 12 degrees and landing in Hong Kong, where it was 28!

Best Travel Bag for WomenOnce on the ground, I used the Michelle to go to the Trade Fair everyday as I knew I would be collecting heaps of brochures on suppliers I was interested in. I also took my iPad everyday to take shots for future inspiration and social media. When we out at night or having a shop in Hong Kong or China I used an Amanda Cross Body iPad bag. This bag fitted my passport, my phone and iPad, my wallet and other personal things I always need (like lippy).

Both bags are great for travel. They’re lightweight, durable and really comfortable to use due to the length of the shoulder straps on the Michelle and the Cross-body strap on the Amanda. iPad Shoulder Bag for Women

I can honestly say that despite the hard treatment they both received, they still look as gorgeous as they did when we left home – can’t say the same about me! That overnight trip home from Hong Kong took me days to get over!

13" Laptop Tote


The second trip was true holiday travel. This time I took a Chelsea Tote as I wanted a bag that was slightly smaller but could be used to get to Bali and then everyday while out shopping etc. Into the Chelsea I still managed to fit all my travel requirements like laptop, iPad, travel document folder, wallet, makeup purse etc etc. During the day and out at night I just needed my wallet and phone but I knew that if I saw something I wanted to buy, it would fit into my bag without having to walk around with shopping bags – it was so hot I needed one hand free to use the little carved fan I bought.

If I’d taken a standard handbag or Tote, life would have been a whole lot harder. Its so easy when everything has a pocket and you can find the thing you’re looking for at a moment’s notice.

So. If you’re planning on travelling this year, you really need a bag that’s been designed to make your travelling life easy but doesn’t scream ‘tourist’ like those boring black nylon (and expensive!) travel bags that really might be practical but truly undermine your sense of style! Our bags are beauty and brains combined and  are fantastic for life away from home – whether its just interstate for business for one day or overseas for a month.

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