The Briefcase For Men Has Had A Serious Makeover

 Like the power suit, the briefcase for men is back!

The Angus Briefcase for Men by My Best Friend is a Bag

The Angus Briefcase for Men by My Best Friend is a Bag

The briefcase for men has had a colourful history from its origins way back in the 1st century with the Roman Loculus, to the Haversack of the Industrial Revolution and to our traditional understanding of the briefcase that we all know well – you know, the square, brick looking briefcases that our fathers and grandfathers sported every day of the working week. However, since the late 80s the briefcase was rejected by an emerging generation of men who were embracing self expression through fashion and rejecting old fashioned ideals. Not to mention the big time designer brands flooding the market with sleek bags that represented contemporary refinement and class that was difficult to resist. Now, it appears the briefcase is back…but with a serious makeover! Like the power suit, the briefcase has reemerged as a symbol of confidence, power and opportunity.

The new generation of briefcase has moved away from the paper based carry case to a more streamlined carry bag focused primarily on the modern man’s needs and his technology. So, what does the perfect briefcase for men require? Pockets…and lots of them, plenty of room for a laptop and the ability to easily access your personal/work items while on the go.

The Angus briefcase for men by My Best Friend is a Bag has 3 inside pockets for cell phones, business and credit cards, plus 2 padded sleeves to hold both a 15 inch laptop and a tablet/ iPad. The detachable clip for your keys also makes life a little easier by ensuring your keys are handy but out of you pocket, all the while keeping your power suit’s silhouette intact – A definite win in our books!

The external laptop sleeve is particularly useful for the jet setters. There is nothing more frustrating than having to riffle through your belonging to get your laptop out at the security gates. With the Angus briefcase for men you will never hold up the airport security line again.

The weight of a modern briefcase can also be an issue with the multitudes of technology they hold. That’s why BfB uses only the highest quality vegan leather from the same supplier as  DKNY, Coach and Tommy Hilfiger for our Angus briefcase for men. Vegan leather is much lighter than genuine leather and therefore prevents sore shoulders when using the detachable shoulder strap. In addition to it’s lightweight nature, vegan leather is also durable, easy to clean and waterproof – The perfect low maintenance briefcase for men!

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