Briefcases for Women Shouldn’t Be Boring

If you think Briefcases for Women, what do you have in mind?

Black, boring and rather masculine looking work bags?
Bags which are practical but far from being stylish?

Well if I think of Briefcases for Women I think of a handbag, which gets me through the day, no matter how busy it is. I think of bright colors, a roomy and practical inside with a beautiful outside. Just because we mean Business, it doesn’t mean that we have to give up our style.

Red Laptop Bag for Women

Lindsay Laptop Bag in Red

So I personally like my Laptop Bags to be in bright and fun colors, since I usually wear outfits in rather plain and simple colors to the office. Therefore I feel like a pop of color completes my outfits perfectly and is a great way in order to spice them up. But the great outside of my Lindsay is just the beginning.

Because as beautiful as the Lindsay Laptop Bag is outside, it’s also inside. It has a padded sleeve, several compartments and side pockets and offers therefore enough room for all the bits and pieces I need during a long day at the office.

So to be honest with you, before I had my Lindsay Laptop Bag I also thought of boring and masculine bags as soon as I heard ‘briefcase’ – but not anymore.

So why don’t you convince yourself of how modern and stylish a  Briefcase for Women nowadays can be and have a look at

I hope you have a great week,