The Professionals Guide To The Perfect Business Travel Bag For Women

Choosing the perfect business travel bag for women can be a nightmare. Use this guide to help you find the perfect laptop handbag that will take you from the office to the airport in style and comfort.

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1. Find a Durable & Lightweight Laptop Bag For Women

Choosing a good business bag for women can really impact your level of comfort and wellbeing on a business trip. You want to make certain that it is comfortable to carry and won’t weigh you down. Plus, you want to ensure it is durable enough to withstand the most intense travel experiences. Therefore, a lightweight laptop shoulder bag is essential. Although genuine leather laptop bags seem like they would be the perfect solution, the heavy weight of leather simply adds unnecessary load to your bag after it is jam packed with your electronics, make up etc. Therefore, a lightweight faux leather is a much better choice and will save your back and shoulders in the long run. Look for a business bag that is handmade and uses only the highest quality faux leather. This will guarantee your handbag is super durable, looks great and feels fabulous.

2. Find The Perfect Sized Travel Bag For Women

To find the perfect sized laptop bag for business trips is tricky. You want it small enough to slide in underneath the chair in front of you but larger enough to fit your laptop, papers, travel documents, electronics, keys, makeup & possibly even small change of clothes if you are not taking an additional suitcase or hand luggage.

3. Find A Bag That Has A Plethora Of Pockets And Compartments

An annoying part of travelling is fishing around your bag for travel documents or having all you belongings fly out when you are attempting to extract your laptop and keys etc., when going through security. You want to look for a bag that compartmentalises all of your belongings. A great travel bag for women will possess an external laptop sleeve and pockets for your phone, passport, sunglasses etc. A handy clip for you keys is also great for when you return from your trip tired and without the energy or patience needed to fish around the bottom of your bag. A keys clip is also great if you keep a flash drive on your key chain. Being able to whip out your laptop and flash drive quickly and easily, will make last minute revisions to you presentation on the plane a breeze.

4. Find A Stylish Yet Professional Looking Bag

Finally, you want to be sure to find a business bag that looks like a designer handbag without the price tag. Now, we are not talking about cheap knock off designer bags but reasonably priced computer bags that come from a quality bag manufacturer who values good craftsmanship, designer style and functionality.

The Perfect Travel Bag For Women

When developing the Melinda 15 inch Laptop Shoulder Bag for Women, My Best Friend is a Bag had all of the above requirements of a great business bag for women in mind. The Melinda is beauty and brains combined. Designed by a woman for women, the Melinda is the only bag you will need to carry to the office or for quick business trips.

The main part of the bag is one large zippered compartment. Inside this, is a padded sleeve that will hold your 16 inch laptop. There are 3 side pockets for your cell phone, glasses and even one large enough to hold a passport. The handy key clip will also ensure your keys are always accessible. There is even enough room in this section to fill it with work or personal belongings.

One of the best features of the Melinda is the external padded sleeve which makes carrying a 15 inch laptop through the airport a breeze. This section also has side pockets for your credit cards and pens.

The Melinda is handmade from the highest quality vegan faux leather, with your choice of classic black with bright orange lining or a vibrant red with a lovely navy lining. With Melinda’s stunning textured leather look, heads will turn in and out of the office. My Best Friend is a Bag’s signature brushed nickel tassel also adds a little glamour, alongside the quality brushed nickel hardware. Finally, the five dome studs on Melinda’s base will protect your bag in the dirtiest of airports.

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