Desk Drawer Best Friends

Even though our fabulous business bags for women are full of pockets for things you can’t live without as you go through your busy day, over the years I have realized there are a couple of Ocelot print tote bagthings that I don’t want to carry around but can’t live without in my office drawers as well.

My desk draw essentials are:

1. Perfume. Don’t use it all the time as I always splash some on when I’m getting dressed in the mornings but there are always those days when, due to a man-made fibre top or excessive heat or stress I notice that an extra squirt is required!

2. Anti-static spray. Nothing is worse then getting up out of a nasty office chair and your dress/top/skirt has turned into a second skin. Not a good look unless you’re a runway model. handy hotel sewing kitThis spray is a miracle. Hate to think what’s in it but it works.

3. Little hotel sewing kit. Everyone in the office knows that I’ve got this and I’ve even had a young intern come into my office when her pants split! Again, don’t use it very often but when you need a stitch in time, a staple or sticky tape just doesn’t measure up!

4. A small candle. This tip I picked up somewhere and it really works. candleIf you’ve got a new pair of shoes that are causing a blister. Don’t put a bandaid on the blister, rub candle wax on the shoe! Much more attractive than a foot covered in bandaids!

5. Panadol. I have to confess that I have more than one kind of pain killer in my drawer. Some days require something a lot stronger than an Asprin or a Panadol!

So what is it that you don’t want to carry everyday in your business bag but can’t live without in your desk drawer?