Colour is the new Black

Autumn has arrived.  I don’t know about you but I am bored with my summer clothes and have been itching to get the winter wardrobe out of storage.   The beauty of living in Melbourne is the seasons.  I have to say, as much as I love summer, I love wearing layers of clothing.  Its so much easier to look Ladies Laptop Totesmart and together in Winter.  In summer, no matter how I start out, by the end of the day I always look a bit limp and worn.

Being Melbourne, when I stand back and look at my wardrobe from a distance, its very black.  Black jackets, black pants, black shoes and boots.  The odd bit of colour but not much.   When you go to an office everyday, black is always a safe bet.

Ladies Pink iPad BagSo, I rely on my accessories to bring some colour into the picture.

There’s nothing like a great handbag to bring an outfit to life.   That’s why we have great colours in all our ranges.

Just because you’re carrying a work bag, it doesn’t have to be boring.   I’ve said it before but when you walk into a room carrying a bag that’s exciting and different, it says so much more about you.

So why don’t you brighten up your black work wardrobe with one of our fabulous My Best Friend is a Bag work bags.

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