BFB Computer Bags Kick Off 2017 With 5 Star Customer Reviews

2017 is looking to be a great year for My Best Friend is a Bag’s range of computer bags for women and men. Check out a few of our reviews that have come in this year for our Jennifer 13 inch Computer Tote, Melinda 15 Inch Computer Bag, Lindsay 17 Inch Laptop Bag, Lucy iPad Bag/Clutch and the Angus 15 Inch Lawyer Bag for Men.

Jennifer 13 Inch Computer Tote Bag for Work

Jennifer 13 inch Computer Tote for women

Shop Jennifer in Red with Navy Lining

Shop Jennifer in Charcoal Grey with Pink lining 

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Madame Butterfly’s review of Jennifer 13 Inch Computer Tote Bag for Work – Black

February 15 2017

5 Stars

Wow! Love love love this tote.❤❤❤

Absolutely LOVE!!! This bag. I purchased it in black and it is soooo roomy but not huge. My 13″ mac laptop fits it perfectly even with my iPad and the pockets are perfect for cords and my hard drive and I still have room. The quality is worth every penny. I would highly sugggest this bag. I have received sooooo many compliments. It’s a very classy and functional way to carry your laptop and other items.


Susan Z’s review of Jennifer 13 Inch Computer Tote Bag for Work – Grey

January 24 2017

5 Stars

Beautiful bag, well designed and well made

This bag is very attractive, and extremely well made. I love the grey color and the lining is beautiful – the color really pops. The layout is super practical, and having two padded pockets increases its versatility. The zippers are super sturdy metal zippers – not nylon as on so many other work bags. It is obviously designed with care, and made well. Unfortunately, I had to return mine because it was just a little too tight for all I need to carry: laptop, cords, files, a book or two, tablet, datebook (yes, I am still that old-fashioned), etc. – I thought long and hard about it because I really loved it and very much wanted it to work out.
But, a word about this company – upon my returning it, I was contacted by the owner of the company who wanted to know more about why it didn’t work for me. Now that’s a business that is committed to customer service!! So even though I didn’t get to keep it for myself, I wanted to share why it’s a great bag.


Lady Llewellyn’s review of Jennifer 13 Inch Computer Tote Bag for Work – Black

January 16 2017

5 Stars

Perfect Bag for Work, Travel, or Everyday Use

This bag is perfect. It is classy and very functional, yet is still feminine. I can carry everything in it as a purse as well as all of my electronics – laptop, iPad, cell phone, and cords. This bag is very well made, so sturdy, and I think I will also get it in red. It is perfect for travel, going to the office or to a meeting, or even if you are headed to a coffee house to connect. I LOVE it!!!


Melinda 15 Inch Computer Bag for Women

Melinda 15 inch Computer Bag for women

Shop Melinda in Red with Navy Lining 

Shop Melinda in Black with Orange Lining 

Mona Bartram’s review of Melinda 15 Inch Computer Bag for Women – Black

January 15 2017

5 Stars

Five Stars

Great laptop bag!


Carl Pruschowsky’s review of Melinda 15 Inch Computer Bag for Women – Red

January 9 2017

5 Stars

Nice Bag

Purchased this bag for my wife as a Christmas present. She really liked it and says she gets lots of compliments. Seems to be well made.


Ken R’s review of Melinda 15 Inch Computer Bag for Women – Black

January 6 2017

5 Stars

Five Stars

Best bag ever. Lots of storage and still lightweight.


Lindsay 17 Inch Laptop Bag for Women

Lindsay 17 inch Computer Bag for women

Shop Lindsay in Grey Snakeskin with Pink lining

Shop Lindsay in Red Snakeskin with Navy Lining 

Shop Lindsay in Black Snakeskin with Orange Lining 


Leslie Blackburn’s review of Lindsay 17 Inch Laptop Bag for Women – Grey

February 14 2017

5 Stars

This bag is awesome. I am a super-stuffer of bags

This bag is awesome. I am a super-stuffer of bags, so I was a little worried it may not be able to hold my new larger computer and all of my other very-necessary stuff, but it does! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it, too. Already taken it on the plane and it was tight under the seat but did fit.


Margaret W’s review of Lindsay 17 Inch Laptop Bag for Women – Red

February 12 2017

5 Stars

it’s MUCH better looking in person

I received my BfB 17-inch Lightweight Laptop Shoulder Bag today and I have to say, it’s MUCH better looking in person. It’s feminine and the color is really pretty (I got the red one) and my laptop fits perfectly inside the padded area — which also zips shut. I have been looking for a bag like this for such a long time and I’m THRILLED to have found this one! I work in a busy downtown area, and wanted a crossbody bag so that my hands are free. If I were to have any complaints — it would be that I would have liked the crossbody strap to be a tad wider and with a shoulder strap pad thingy to offer a little support, but that is such a minor issue. I will definitely be looking at more bags from this company. Thank you!


Christie Holloway’s review of Lindsay 17 Inch Laptop Bag for Women – Black

February 24 2017

5 Stars

Loving It!!!

It’s even better in person…i love it!!!


Lucy iPad Carrying Bag

Lucy iPad Carrying Bag


Shop Lucy in Black with Orange lining

Shop Lucy in Charcoal Grey with Pink lining

Jay Pako’s Review of Lucy iPad Carrying Bag/ Clutch – Black

February 9 2017

5 Stars

Great professional bag – especially for a female tech manager

I love this bag. It is very sleek and professional- not a girly purse. I bought it primarily because it would easily hold my I Pad, phone etc. It is a very minimalist bag. It has just a few credit card slots and one interior zip compartment I use for cash. It sheds the very serious rain we get here in Portland.
I hesitate to suggest improvements because they might spoil what’s best about the bag.

But here goes: There is a zipper for each of the 2 compartments. They both slide in the same direction. So you cannot tell which compartment is which without opening them. I attached the tassel to one end just so I would know that if the tassel was on the left my phone was in the outside compartment.

Because the bag is stiff and the zipper only slide one way you need to unzip all the way to get to anything on the end of the zipper.

It would be great if there was a compartment not inside the zipper for my phone. If it were on the outside it would help me know which side was which- but would spoil that very sleek look I love so much. Perhaps a pouch between the 2 compartments?

It would be nice if each compartment had zipper that unzipped in either direction and could meet in the middle. But only if that would not spoil the look.
Maybe just make the 2 zipper pulls different (they both are minimally engraved BfB)so I could sling it over my should with the larger one on the outside. Then I could shed the tassel,

But the bottom line is I love this bag. It works great schlepping to work on the bus. Yet it looks fine dressed up at a concert or out to dinner.


Angus 15 Inch Lawyer Bag for Men

Angus 15 inch Lawyer Bag for Men

Shop Angus in Chocolate Brown with Tartan Lining (Brown & Navy) 

Shop Angus in Black with Gingham Lining (Blue)  


KAB’s review of Angus 15 Inch Lawyer Bag for Men – Black

January 3 2017

5 Stars

Excellent Quality, but Several Size Options Will Make it Supreme!!

By all standards, a very quality laptop and business bag! The exterior leather looks excellent; the inside cloth blends excellently well with the exterior leather; the stiching looks super; all in all a very well-made business bag, that promises to last very long! My only reservations are: it looks too big for someone looking for a medium to small size bag; has limited compartments for a bag its size. Maybe instead of a one-size bag, several options could be given in future for small, medium and large size. I have maintained a 5-star for this review because it still remains a vey well-made bag with excellent quality. Moreover, I was very much aware of the dimensions online before ordering!