Handbags – A Proud Statement Of Personal Style & Women’s Independence!

We love making gorgeous laptop bags for women here at My Best Friend is a Bag and although we know that you can’t buy happiness, buying a bag is almost the same thing – right?!

But why? Why does buying and carrying a bag feel SO GOOD? When pondering this, we initially thought, ‘well, having beautiful things make us feel beautiful.’ But honestly, we think there may be a little more to it…or maybe we are overthinking it? It’s highly possible 😛

As history unfolded and women’s social status increased, so has the popularity of handbags. A woman’s handbag is a statement about who she is – is she carrying a business bag, a nappy bag, a designer bag, a travel bag or a rainbow colored heshan bag. Immediately, you can visualise parts of what makes this woman who she is – her social status, parental status, financial status, her love or rebellion against fashion trends etc.

As women emerged from the confines of their home and started exploring the world, suitcases and hat/ shoe boxes became hugely popular. From these travel accessories, the modern leather handbag was born and the industry emerged and blossomed as women gained financial independence.

So yes, a bag does make us feel beautiful but it also represents how far we have come over the past couple of centuries. It’s a proud statement of our personal style and our progress in society. Hooray for independent women and our stunning bags! No matter what shapes, sizes or colors they may come in.

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