How To Find The Perfect Laptop Handbag For Women in Business!

Whether you are an Office Wiz, Mompreneur or a Millennial at the start of their career, a functional laptop handbag is particularly important. Although there are thousands of laptop handbags for women in the market, finding the perfect laptop shoulder bag can be like finding a pen that works…seemingly simple but ever elusive!

Choosing the right laptop handbag for you.

Office Wiz!

You live and breath spreadsheets, schedules and meetings. You spend your days jumping from one meeting to the next in and outside the office. You are a master of running in heels and rocking the power suit. You need a laptop shoulder bag that is elegant and professional but still big enough to fit your large laptop.

The Lindsay 17 Inch Laptop Bag is the perfect laptop handbag for the Office Wiz. With a central compartment that fits a laptop up to 17 Inches and 2 side compartments for folders, documents and personal belongings, you will never be caught short in any meeting. Lindsay’s striking yet elegant exterior, stunning colored interior and ridiculous efficiency will command respect in any boardroom.

Lindsay’s Specifications:

* Length: 18 inches.
* Height: 12 inches.
* Handle Drop: 11 inches.
* Padded Laptop Sleeve: 18 inches x 12 inches.
* Faux Vegan Patent and Snakeskin Leather.
* Colored Lining.
* Central padded Laptop Sleeve holds up to a 17 inch laptop.
* Signature BfB tassel to add that extra glamour.
* Quality brushed nickel hardware
* 3 x inside, side pockets for your phone, business cards etc.
* Handy clip for your keys
* Lots of space for documents or folders as well as your own personal bits and pieces.
* Detachable shoulder strap with brushed nickel buckle.
* 4 dome studs on the bottom of the bag to protect it from wear.

Shop Lindsay in grey snakeskin with hot pink interior
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See our Grey Lindsay in Detail here:

lindsay black3

See how much our Lindsay can hold!

Red Laptop Bag


Mompreneur/Working Mom!

You are the superheroes of multitasking! Between school, home and work duties, there is never a stagnant moment. Your brain is constantly active and hands are never still. You are the woman everyone relies on to get things done. You need a laptop handbag that can fit everything you need for the office, a couple of emergency nappies, snacks and entertainment for the kids.

The Melinda 15 Inch Laptop Bag is every working Mom’s dream! It can fit almost everything but the kitchen sink and is still stylish and beautiful. The main compartment has a padded sleeve to hold up to a 16 inch laptop. Like all our bags it also has 3 pockets for your glasses, cell phone etc., and a handy key clip for your keys – perfect for when you have bub in hand and you need easy access. There is also enough room to fit some nappies, wipes and cream in this section. In addition to this, there is a padded zippered sleeve for your laptop or tablet on the outside of the bag with pockets for your credit cards and pens.

Melinda Specifications:

* Length: 17.5 inches
* Height: 12 inches
* Width: 3 inches
* Handle Drop: 11 inches
* Padded Laptop Sleeve:
* Interior: 15 inches
* External: 16 inches
* Stylish and Practical
* Faux textured Leather pattern
* Colored lining
* 2 x padded sleeves
* Signature BfB tassel to add extra glamor
* Quality Brushed Nickel hardware
* 3 inside, side pockets for your phone, business cards etc
* Handy clip for your keys
* Detachable shoulder strap
* 5 dome studs on the bottom to protect it from wear.

Shop Melinda in black with bright orange lining
Shop Melinda in red with navy lining

See our Red Melinda in Detail here:

Melinda Black Fashion Image

Millennial Ladder Climbers!

You are a techno-wiz and turnaround projects at the speed of light. You expect a lot from you employer but you give back twice as much. You value your time with friends and love to hit the trendiest restaurants after a long day at the office. You spend the same amount of time and consideration when purchasing a bag as you would buying a car. You need a laptop tote that is the perfect blend of function and style, and effortlessly takes you from day to night.

The Jennifer 13 Inch Laptop Tote is the ultimate Laptop bag for the Millennial woman. She is the queen of style and functionality, and the perfect companion in and out of the office. She sports the signature BfB tassel with brushed nickel cap, quality brushed nickel hardware and is made from the highest quality Vegan Faux Leather. She has padded, zippered sections for your 13 Inch laptop and your iPad/Tablet, plus 3 pockets for you phone etc., glasses etc and a handy clip for your keys. Jennifer is just like you, beauty and brains combined!

Jennifer Specifications:

* Length: 15.5
* Height: 11 inches
* Width at base: 5 inches
* Handle Drop: 11 inches
* Beautiful BfB Tassel with brushed nickel cap
* Quality brushed nickel hardware
* Reinforced sides to help your bag keep it’s structure
* 3 zippered compartments give you lots of usage options
* Padded central, zippered sleeve for iPad/Tablet or personal use
* Front compartment with 3 x side pockets for phone, business cards etc
* Handy clip for you key ring
* Back compartment also padded for 13” laptop or just personal or business items.
* Colored Lining
* Reinforced flat bottom with 5 stud feet to protect your bag base.
* Detachable shoulder strap

Shop Jennifer in black with bright orange lining
Shop Jennifer in red with navy lining

See our Red Jennifer in Detail here:

Jennifer Black Laptop tote for women Table Fashion Shot