How to Make a Great First Impression

I’ve just been reading an article in Forbes Magazine about how to make a great first impression.women in business

When you’re meeting someone for the first time, their brain makes a thousand computations about you, and the out-take of these computations is crucial to how you will be received. And all this happens in just 7 seconds!

Forbes offer the advice about standing up straight to signal confidence;  smiling and making eye contact to transmit energy and openness;  leaning in slightly to show you’re engaged and interested. Apparently research has shown that these non-verbal cues have four times the impact on the impression you make, than anything you say.

17" Red Laptop BagWhat they haven’t added to the list is how you look and what you’re wearing. I don’t know why they haven’t included this in their lists but its an obvious omission I think.

How you carry yourself and how impactful you are when you walk into a new business situation is not about how gorgeous you are, its about how you look being a reflection of how you want to be perceived.  Looking smart, fashionable and stylish reflects pride in yourself. Add to this a head held high, a great smile and a firm handshake and you’re giving off great capability and confidence vibes.

One of my girlfriends had a huge new job interview yesterday.13" Ladies Laptop Bag As part of the interview process she had to give a full presentation on a business issue they had provided to her before the day. She had put hours of work into the presentation. She was confident in the work she had prepared and knew she could face any questions they threw at her. She went to the interview looking fabulous. Great tailored jacket and pants and she carried everything she would need for the presentation in our fabulous Chelsea Snakeskin Bag. When she rang me after the meeting to tell me how it went, the first thing she said was “they loved the bag!”. Turns out, pulling her laptop out of her fabulous bag drew great comments from both the men and the women in the interview panel. It made a statement about her. They had formed a great impression of her before she had even uttered a word.

Why don’t you give yourself the same advantage? Swing into your next meeting with one of our fabulous business bags. They demonstrate that just because you mean business, you don’t have to abdicate style.