How to Travel Smart

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Qantas interviewed their most frequent Frequent Flyers and asked them for their tips on how they travel and survive away from home and stay unruffled, elegant and efficient.

Because you can no longer manufacture bags in Australia (sad to say this industry no longer exists), I have to travel frequently to our overseas factory. Some of these things they’ve recommended I already do but I thought I’d share what I think are the best.

  1. Switch off your Bluetooth when out and about – hacking is now too sophisticated.
  2. Take a four-point Australian Power Board – this way you only need one international adaptor for all your electronic devices.
  3. Buy a phone and data SIM card for your regular destination. 13" Laptop Tote Interior
  4. Rolling rather than folding clothes seems to be the go.
  5. Keep your eye mask and earplugs from the plane incase there’s a party in the adjoining hotel room!
  6. Dark coloured clothing camouflages creases and spills in flight!
  7.  Never travel without health insurance.      Just recently one of my friends was hit with a terrible case of Dengue Fever in Bali and spent 3 days in a Bali hospital. Her travel health insurance meant she was treated in a 5 star facility – worth every cent. When I was spending a lot of time in India I can’t tell you the number of hideous bugs I picked up despite being meticulous with antiseptic hand stuff. I even grew something that resembled an extra toe from a really tiny scratch on my foot! I always had the reassurance of health insurance in case I needed more than antibiotics from a local doctor.
  8. Always keep a scan of your travel documents, Passport and Visas in the cloud. 

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  9. Carry a basic medical kit. I always carry painkillers, band aids, antiseptic cream, ‘over the counter’ cortisone cream, Stemetil and Imodium. Last trip to China I forgot the Imodium and had to act out my complaint in a very busy Guangzhou Pharmacy where no one spoke English but found the sight of me doing hand signals for diarrhea hilariously funny. I thought I’d done a really good job when she smiled knowingly and then disappeared out the back only to reappear with Hemorrhoid Cream!Cross Body Bags for Women
  10. Change the voicemail on your phone to encourage your callers to email you rather than phone you.
  11. And for business women – carry a purpose built travel bag so you know your electronic devices are well protected, everything is close at hand in pockets and its lightweight and durable. Preferably one bag that can double as a work bag during the day but still look fab on the weekends and at night.   You can usually pick a tourist as they carry some nasty, but expensive, nylon travel bag. Something they wouldn’t be seen dead with at home. With a BfB bag just because you’re travelling you don’t have to abdicate style!

So if you travel frequently on business, or you’re just heading off on a well-deserved break, My Best Friend is a Bag have the perfect bag for you.   Why not visit My Best Friend is a Bag and find the one that best suits your requirements.

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