Increased Mobile Device Use Creates Pressing Need For A Versatile iPad Carrying Bag

Greater Need for a Versatile iPad Carrying Bag Due Mobile Device Usage

The average smartphone and tablet user spends at least three hours of their day on a mobile device creating a greater need for a versatile iPad carrying bag. Whether your favorite mobile device is a tablet or a smartphone, having a product that can protect your tech and keep it safe is essential.

Greater Need for iPad Carry Bag. Mobile Internet Trend Statistics Mary Meeker. Source:

Mobile Internet Trend Statistics Mary Meeker. Source:


iPad Carrying Bag – The Best Way To Keep You Organised And Your Mobile Devices Safe!

An Ipad carrying bag is one of the best ways that you can keep your device well protected as well as accessible throughout your day. With iPad carrying bags quickly becoming one of the hottest accessories for keeping smartphones and iPads close throughout the day, they can also come with some huge advantages.

A great iPad carrying bag will be  versatile and come with everything that you might need to carry including your cell phone, tablet, money, keys, some makeup or even a charger. With all of these items with you, it’s possible to stay more organized as well as enjoy a much smoother day at the office.

An iPad Carrying Bag That Is Versatile Plus!

The Lucy iPad Bag from My Best Friend is a Bag is a premium quality iPad carrying bag with designer style that can not only protect your mobile devices but can hold its own as a stunning accessory. Imagine a versatile clutch that can also act as a shoulder bag with its detachable shoulder strap and keys clip, that is designed for holding your cash, cards, keys, phone, tablet/iPad and more.

An iPad Carrying Bag With Pockets Galore!

Keeping organized is ridiculously easy with the Lucy iPad carrying bag. With two zippered sections for business cards, ID’s and your devices, you can easily access everything at your fingertips.

An iPad Carrying Bag That Fits Many Devices!

The Lucy Ipad bag can accommodate devices up to 10 inches and this means a huge number of supported devices such as tablets, candles, iPads, e-readers, large smartphones and more. All of your various devices can quite easily fit into one convenient bag for travel via day or night. This makes bringing your devices to work much easier as well as keeping them with you when you go out at night.

An iPad Carrying Bag That is More Than Just A Device Protector!

The Lucy iPad Carry Bag gives you designer quality at an affordable price with its premium quality vegan leather manufactured by the same suppliers as Coach and Tommy Hilfiger. Finally, the animal print lining gives it that touch of glamour that all us gals are looking for.

To learn more about the Lucy Ipad bag watch our video below or Shop Now.

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