Lucy iPad Bag for Women Impresses – 5 Star Product Reviews Rolling In!

It looks like our customers are loving the Lucy iPad Bag for Women as much as we do, with 5 star product reviews rolling in. Lucy is the ultimate chameleon! She can be an iPad shoulder bag one minute or a clutch, wallet, handbag or phone bag the next. We love her style almost as much as we love her versatility. So, if you are look for a new bag for your iPad, Kindle, Tablet or eReader, Lucy is your gal! But – don’t just take our word for it, take a quick look at what some of our customers have to say.

iPad Bag For Women Customer Reviews

Durable and great quality iPad bag and purse

5 Star Review

By Emily Schroed-zander on August 18, 2016

I am really impressed by this iPad bag! I really needed a nice bag to carry an iPad for work and travel and this is perfect. The quality is fantastic and heavy duty and comfortable to wear with a strap. I was a little surprised by the weight of the bag when i opened it, but once I opened it up and put my work ipad in along with personal items and a small pad of paper and used it for a 3 day conference, i was impressed by the durability and quality of the bag. From all the moving around and bumping into tables and chairs and in/out of the car, the bag shows no wear at all! The outside black has a durable textured design and the inside is is lined with a cute leopard print. There are 2 zippered areas, one large enough for a full size iPad, and a second larger wallet area for personal items, 10 credit cards slots and an inside zippered part. While I received this bag for a discount for an honest and unbiased review, I choose what I want to review and find useful for myself and my family. I also depend heavily on reviews when I purchase items.

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Great bag! Stylish, sophisticated and functional!

5 Star Review 

By Stacey F on August 12, 2016

I love this bag! It’s the perfect size, not too big and not too small. The outside of the bag has a nice texture, the kind that won’t show little marks or scratches. The inside is lined with a great looking leopard print. There are two separate compartments. The ipad compartment can easily hold an ipad or mini. The other compartment has an open space, a zippered section for makeup, and built in “wallet” with 10 slots where I can put credit cards and a few business cards. I especially like this feature since the cards are super easy to get at when I’m out shopping – no more struggling with a typical wallet…. While this bag can hold alot of stuff, I prefer to be minimalist since the real beauty of the bag, to me, is the thin style. Can be carried as a clutch, cross body, or shoulder bag. Great for everyday or professional! I received this bag for a discounted price, however this review is unbiased and honest.

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The perfect purse/tablet bag!

5 Star Review 

on August 17, 2016

This bag is an answer to my prayers! It is everything I want in a bag and the best part is I can put my iPad air 2 in one pocket and my purse items in the other side.
So instead of me carrying 2 bags I can carry just the one and with class and it’s not some giant bag, it’s just right.
It’s made of very good quality and comes with a strap and an accent tassel.
Also my iPad air 2 also has an outer box on and it still slid right into the pocket with no problem.
It has an adjustable strap which I found nice because I am really fond of the cross body especially if we go to the beach or where I need my hands free.
I truly recommend this product.
I did receive this at a discount for clearly stated, honest, and unbiased review.
Should you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

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iPad shoulder bag for Women

5 Star Review 

n August 23, 2016

After receiving this product at a discounted price for my unbiased review, who would have thought it would become my everyday handbag?! This two large sided shoulder bag is amazing! Not only does it have large zippered sides, that could each carry an IPad, but it also has an internal zippered pocket and slots for credit cards/identification cards. Each side of the purse, oops, IPad Shoulder bag, is padded for safety with the IPad. Soft leather and quality zippers and an adjustable strap make this “bag” very stylish also! It does come with a leather 8″ tassel that you can hook on the purse/bag if that is your style. The adjustable strap can go from 27 1/2″ to 51″. I loved that I could use it as a cross body bag also since the strap could be so long. The purse itself is a compact 11 x 8 but large enough for the IPad. Don’t let it’s stylish compact size deter you from getting one! It really does hold it all!

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My new best friend

5 Star Review 

on August 24, 2016

My daughter is into the Coach pocketbooks. She bought me one for last Christmas last year and occasionally use it. This last Christmas I got an iPad and I use it all the time! I am not into pocketbooks, although, I see there usability. When I saw this iPad shoulder bag, I got so excited. Add technology to the mix and you got me hooked! When it came in the mail, I had goose bumps as I was opening it. It came in a sleek box. In the box it had a simple protective bag that said it all, “My Best Friend is a Bag”. I hadn’t opened the bag yet, but I knew it was going to be awesome. The sellers took so much effort for just the outer packaging, I couldn’t wait to open it. I felt like it was Christmas and just like Christmas, I took my time opening the package. I could smell the leather. The pocketbook, no shoulder bag is so sleek and beautiful. I finally understood, the hoopla about loving your bag. The zippers are amazing. They slide back and forth with such ease. They are so high quality! I love that you can hold it or use the straps. The adjustable strap can go from 27 1/2″ to 51″. I am from the 70’s and just love the tassel! It has cute leopard material that lines the pocketbook. I had to go into The Apple Store and the woman who assisted me, asked me where I got it and said she was going to get one too, because it is so darn awesome. I agree! I would highly recommend this to anyone whether they have an iPad, Nook, Tablet or just want a special new best friend. I received this item at a promotional discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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Lucy iPad Bag for Women and iPad  Clutch with Snakeskin Lining

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