Making the 2014 Colour Trends Work.

I love the way all the fashion magazines do articles on what the hot colours and shapes are for the new year.  Although when you’re looking at a designer parade, with a 6+foot model its really hard to work out what this means for you, and how you could possibly adapt the trend into something that you could wear to work.

So, here are a couple of ideas:

Colour Trend 1:  BLACK AND WHITE

Snakeskin Tote, Black Laptop Bag, Black Tote

This shot combines 2 trends really.  One is black and white and the other is the mix of masculine and feminine.  A masculine shirt is big news this year and so comfortable to wear to work.

I’ve put our Lindsay Laptop Bag in Black, our Michelle Tote in Black and our Chelsea Tote in Snakeskin in the mix here too.  You can never go wrong with a black bag at the office!



Colour Trend 2:  A HINT OF PINK

Pink is a wonderful colour.  pink Tote, pink iPad Bag

Just because you wear a guys’ shirt to the office one day, doesn’t mean you can’t go all girly the next!  Just remember that the trend is a Hint of Pink.

I’ve included our Pink Chelsea Tote and our Pink Amanda iPad Bag in this trend as they can easily be your hit of Pink.


Colour Trend 3:  METALLICS

Metallics and the office can be a tricky combination.Silver Laptop Bag, 17" laptop bag  Too much and you run the risk of looking like you’ve come straight to work from the nightclub you visited on the way home!  Metallics are definitely worth exploring though as they can add a stylish sparkle to an otherwise dull office outfit.  Imagine this silver skirt with a black shirt and jacket – fabulous.

The Blue top has a really subtle metallic stitch through it which turns a very plain top into a standout.

Our Lindsay Laptop Bag has a fabulous deep metallic gleam but is still super stylish and practical.  Its definitely worth exploring.

Our Michelle Tote in Grey has the fabulous metallic patent running down the sides with snakeskin front and back and our beautiful Navy Lindsay Laptop Bag has just the right amount of shine to really make a statement.

So have a look at all the colours and shapes of bags we’ve got on the website.  We will definitely help you stand out at the office in 2014 and show the world that Business can be Beautiful