My Best Tip for Working Mothers

I’ve always been a fiend when it comes to being organised.  I don’t know whether its an Aries thing, but the only way I could function as a full time working mother was to be organised to a standstill!  I found that the more organised I was, and the more routinised our working week, the better we all functioned and the happier we were as a family.

My Top Tip for Working Mothers During the School Term

When my son was in primary school and a really picky eater, at the start of every school term we did a food contract. He and I worked out what he would eat for lunch and dinner every Monday, Tuesday etc. I would make sure that it was a balanced diet and if we were both happy, we would sign it. Sheesh, it made shopping a breeze! Everyone else didn’t seem to mind that every Monday night they had chicken schnitzel and salad either! If we got to the stage that we just couldn’t stand one meal another week, we would all then decide what the replacement meal would be. Happy campers all ‘round.

This one simple thing had the following flow on effect:

  •  No more fights over food every night.
  • I knew exactly what I needed to get ready in the morning for dinner that night.
  • Shopping time was cut in half as I knew exactly what I had to buy each week. Not to mention the savings from decreased impulse shopping!
  • We all ate a really healthy diet because I didn’t have to give in to food bargains every night.

So if food is a daily battle in your house, you should give this tip a go. It worked so well for me on so many levels.

It should come as no surprise therefore that my bags are designed to help you stay organised.

ocelot print leather tote

Our Bags have pockets and sleeves for everything to help you stay organised.

They look like stylish handbags but inside is where the action starts! 3 great pockets for your glasses, phones, cameras etc and a special clip for your keys so you never lose them in the bottom of your bag again.

They also come with a dedicated laptop sleeve. Even if you don’t carry a laptop around with you on a daily basis, it’s a great place for all those bits of paper that seem to end up in your bag (school newsletters, receipts, invoices etc). Once you start using one of our Business Bags for Women during the work week, you’ll find that its perfect for the weekends too.

When you’re organised and things are humming along and you’re no longer fighting over dinner every night, you can put your energies into the things that are really important, like finding out what actually happened at school that day.