Now’s the Time to Spring Clean your Handbag

We all know about the benefits of Spring Cleaning your home and wardrobe.

Nothing beats opening those cupboard doors and seeing everything all lined up and co-ordinated – whether its your Kitchen Pantry or your Wardrobe.

When was the last time you Spring Cleaned your Handbag or Work Bag?

I just did mine and I can’t tell you what I found in it – disgusting really! All those old tissues and wrappers that I just thrust back into my bag when there wasn’t a bin handy over the last few months of winter. The Good news was that I found a whole lot of old receipts I hadn’t claimed and enough loose change to keep the local parking meters humming – always a windfall!

The Interior of our Emily Silver Tote

The Interior of our Emily Silver Tote

Why don’t you use this Spring as an opportunity to invest in a new bag that will help keep you organised all through summer.

We’ve got Christmas on the way, all those lists and shopping receipts.

The end of the School Year, with all those invites to Parent things.

Parties and gatherings, when you need to make sure you’ve got all your makeup on hand for a touch up before you face the room!

The Interior of our Navy Chelsea

The Interior of our Navy Chelsea

Not to mention that you’re going to want to take photos at all these events so you need to be able to get to your camera or phone easily when the moment arises.

You’ve got a choice. All these things can just be chucked into your bag and end up in a terrible mess, not to mention make your already heavy bag reallllly heavy!

Red Michelle Tote

Red Michelle Tote

Or….they can go into a My Best Friend is a Bag bag in a specially designed spot so you keep things separate and can always find what you’re looking for!

Here’s another choice you can make.

You can be that that frazzled woman madly rooting through her handbag trying to find that piece of paper that told you when you needed to be at the schoolplay, or your car keys when you’re running late for that same play!

Or you can be that calm, smiling woman reaching into that special pocket of her bag to remove her phone quickly when she realises that she really needs to capture this special moment.

Red Tote Interior

So, stay calm and click through to our website to find your perfect handbag for this Spring and Summer.

Happy Spring,