Men's Laptop Bags


How a man looks at the office is incredibly important. Too casual and people think you just don’t care. Too formal and they think you’re old fashioned and not open to new ideas. That’s why you need to put as much thought into the bag you carry as you do to the clothing you wear.

My Best Friend is a Bag understands this daily dilemma – and just how hard it is for a man to find a Business Bag with just the right amount of fashionability and functionality.

A Messenger Bag can look fun and modern, but is far too casual for most men and an expensive leather briefcase, while beautiful, just seems out of step these days with the needs of most working men

At My Best Friend is a Bag, we combine timeless simplicity and elegance with the ability to carry everything that a modern man needs on a daily basis. We design and hand-make versatile Laptop Bags that suits every work occasion whether it’s a daily commute or a business travel trip to the other side of the country or the world.

That’s why we stand by our Company Slogan: Bags that Work.