Feeling The Love At My Best Friend Is A Bag!

We can shout about all the features and benefits of our bags until we are blue in the face but if our real customers don’t love our product, then it means nada! With this in mind, here are some honest customer reviews from our Lindsay Laptop Bag customers to help you get to know My Best Friend is a Bag a little better.

Fits all the essential items a busy woman needs!

Feminine and professional bag!
5 stars given by Jeni B. on February 11, 2016

First off – I got nothing for this review. I did not receive a free bag or a discount and I bought it sight unseen on Amazon.

I had been looking for a nice, utilitarian but *feminine* bag for a while. I’m changing jobs and need a bag that I can carry to job fairs and interviews that is both classy and professional. This fits the bill perfectly! It has ample storage for my laptop, a planner and a padfolio and pockets for my pens, phone and anything else I normally keep in a purse. The handles are just the right length to carry the bag on my shoulder if I need to and the orange liner inside makes me smile every time I open my bag. I also love that it has protective feet on the bottom and stands on it’s own. I am very, very pleased

Truly my best friend!
5 stars given by MsDelilah on December 29, 2015

This bag really is my best friend! I’ve been searching for something that can do what this bag does for a long time, and now I am so thrilled that I found it! It holds my laptop, wallet, moleskins, pens, phone, makeup case, gloves, ear buds, and the Gracie Cell Phone Purse (from the same brand) with aplomb. It’s gorgeous and feminine, it’s comfortable (I walk over 3 miles a day with it fully loaded) and it’s built amazingly well. If this said “Coach” on the side, it would easily be an $800 bag. I’m tempted to buy another one so that when this one wears out (many years from now) I’ll have a replacement ready to go.

Amazing bag!
5 stars given by Lfrost77 on December 29, 2015

This bag is amazing! I travel with an iPad, laptop and several folders and binders. It fits everything and looks incredible!


Business can be beautiful

I love this bag
5 stars given by Oulise on January 15, 2016

I love this bag! Beautifully constructed and bright red color… I never misplace my bag nor do I forget and leave it! Very sturdy. I use it every day because the slim proportions and generous handles make it super easy to carry.

Five stars
5 stars given by Hortonsresale on December 12, 2015

Fantastic bag. So stylish.

I feel like Mrs Grey wearing it
5 stars given by Rena Babe on December 12, 2015

So sexy and cute! I feel like Mrs. Grey wearing it :->


The perfect gift!

5 stars given by B. Amin on December 18, 2015

I bought this bag for my girlfriend. She has had many bags in the past but none have been this stylish, durable, and well made. This is by far her favorite bag now. On numerous occasions her coworkers have complimented her on the style and appearance of the bag. She has also had a few coworkers mistaken it or a high end designer bag like Michael Kors or GUCCI. I will definitely buy this bag again as a gift in the future. The customer service is also by far the best you I’ll ever get. Janie, the owner, is extremely pleasant and very customer oriented. I have no doubt that her company will expand in the US and be extremely profitable.

Stylish and well built!
5 stars given by Thaminda Ramanayake on October 23, 2015

I bought this for my wife – she loved it! The back is built strong and steady – better looking than the pictures!


It’s always nice to get noticed…

Fantastic and beautiful.
5 stars given by David W on January 19, 2016

This is a very high quality and beautiful bag! Holds my wife’s 17 inch large laptop easily and smaller laptops will fit great as well. She gets tons of compliments everywhere she goes.

She LOVES it
5 stars given by Kaybee on January 16, 2016

This was a much needed Christmas present for my bff. She LOVES it and carries it every day now to work. There is enough space for her tablet and all her paperwork. She asked me where I got it and if there were more colors. The bag is good quality, I was afraid it not being real leather it would look cheap but it doesn’t. She says she has gotten lots of compliments.


Customer service is alive and well at BfB!

Gorgeous & Functional & Amazing Customer Service
5 stars given by Blueberry Beeton on January 17, 2016

This bag is beautiful and functional. Best of all the company really cares about the success of their product. I had a problem with my bag and they responded very quickly and positively to fix it. My bag really is one of my best friends and so is the manufacturer!

Quality Bag
5 stars given by M’anne on December 21, 2015

Great quality briefcase for women! Janie, owner, was accommodating in my skepticism to purchase the red Lindsay, definitely out of my comfort zone. At that point black was not live on Amazon and she checked to see why the product wasn’t live for anyone to purchase. She got back to me with a quick response (several times), in time for me to cancel the red Lindsay and purchase the black one. Great customer service and experience with a quality bag for an awesome price. Stitching is top notch and the bag did come with a storage bag for when not in use. Lindsay fits my Microsoft Surface Book with its black leather sleeve; amongst other items like books and purse items. Awesome experience and very very happy with my new briefcase/bag. Thanks Janie for helping me out, can’t wait to see future designs of your bags! Lindsay truly is a best friend 😉