Winter is too cold for buying clothes – buy a bag instead!


It all started the other day when I thought it would be time for adding some new items to my winter wardrobe; but what started out as a fun shopping day, ended in absolute frustration.

I mean first of all taking all those layers of clothes off was absolutely exhausting and the way the lighting in the changing room then made my pale legs look like in the mirror, didn’t make me feel any better! Seriously, can anybody explain me why they always have the most unflattering lighting in changing rooms? Shouldn’t they try to make us feel and look beautiful?

Anyways, after coming home – frustrated and without anything new to wear – I decided that winter is simply too cold for buying clothes and that I should start a huge sale on My Best Friend is a Bag. A sale for all those women, who know how hard and frustrating shopping during winter can be.


So if you hate buying clothes in the cold season as much as I do, why don’t you go ahead and treat yourself with your very own Best Friend Bag? You can buy it comfortable from home, with no need to try it on – your Best Friend Bag will always fit and make you look stunning. And the best part, the whole range is currently available for just a fraction of their original prices.

And no I am not talking about ridiculous discounts of 20%, I am talking about discounts of up to 70%! 

So don’t miss your chance and if you have a friend who loves handbags as much as you do, why don’t you tell her about the sale?

Have an amazing day,