Take Your Best Friend to the Races

Looking for the perfect bag for the Spring Racing Carnival?

When you’re going to the races you know its going to be a long day.

Black Cross Body BagYou have to think about that when you’re choosing your outfit.  You have to wear something that looks fabulous but is going to last the distance.

You give considerable thought to your shoes, the fact that you’re going to spend a huge amount of time on your feet. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking.

What about your bag. Its also got to last the distance, without weighing you down.Silver Shoulder Bag You need to be able to fit your wallet and your phone so you can take lots of photo’s of you all having a fabulous time to share on social media.

Then there’s your makeup, you know you’re going to want to do at least one touch up during the day.

And finally, you also need room for your race guide and a pen.

If you’re going to the races this year, then you need to have a look at our Jodi Bag. She’s the perfect race day companion. Red Cross Body Bag

Firstly she’s gorgeous, just the right size and comes in colours that will match any outfit.

Secondly she’s lightweight, so you won’t end up with a really sore shoulder and neck at the end of the day.

You can wear her as a shoulder bag, a cross body bag or carry her in your hand. Lots of options with this little beauty!

Thirdly, what we’ve designed as an iPad Sleeve makes the perfect sleeve for your racebook. Jodi Black iPad BagYou don’t want to carry it all day but you need to have it handy between each race before you place your next bets.

Lastly, the pockets on the side make it easy to get to your phone instantly.

All in all, she’s the perfect Best Friend to take to the Races. Check her out here.

Have a great Spring Racing Carnival.