The color you wear says a lot about your mood. What color are you wearing today?

Did you know that the colors we surround ourselves with on a daily basis, has a significant effect on our moods? On a subconscious level, we associate colors we see with different emotions, events, themes and various other ideas. They contribute and enhance our visual stimulation.

Just like colors are used to stimulate different moods by designers to create a certain atmosphere, the colors we choose to wear everyday can make a statement that reflects our attitude.

We’ve got a few popular color ideas for you and what they signify. What does your outfit want to reflect about you today ? Let’s look at these in two categories. The dark colors and the lighter ones. Let’s start with the lighter ones.



Feeling demotivated to get out of bed on a gloomy day?Yellow is a great shade to make you feel sunny and bright on a cloudy day. Yellow is known to bring about feelings of happiness and is also associated with intelligence as well as inspiration. Add a splash of yellow to your outfit and find yourself feeling optimistic and happy.



Orange is another happy and energetic colour.  It draws attention in a soothing way. Orange is great for showing sophistication, excitement and enthusiasm. Brighten up your day by adding a dash of orange to your outfit and you’ll have everyone’s attention for sure.

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Gearing up for what you know is going to be a tough day at work? Green is the perfect colour for you. The green palette is known for its soothing and calm vibe, as it it often associated with the serenity of nature. The colour green is also refreshing to the eye and mind and has been found to reduce stress levels. Add some green to your outfit and you’re sure to be finding yourself more



White is a great colour for bringing about a sense of peace in the chaos of everyday work life. Find yourself caught in the corporate rat race and desperately need a break? Try adding some white to your outfit. The colour white is also associated with cleanliness and clarity. White works great for when you need a break from your everyday busy schedule and want to liven things a bit.white