Workwear Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2017/18 Fall/Winter

Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2017 Office Attire

This past season, workwear fashion was given a big makeover. The fall/winter fashion trends in 2017 are turning out to be very positive news for your closet. Why is this the case? Because, instead of the traditional system of something being out of style while something else is trending, designers have outlined the limits of what can be called “of the moment.” Most trends are nearing their third or fourth winter season positively (for instance, the midi skirt and chunky knit combination), and that’s fantastic. You’ve become familiar with a certain styling approach, but it’s doubtful that you’ll buy one or more pieces. Why change something if it’s going well?

Then there are the new fall/winter trends that are close to development. Although much was said on the runways – almost literally with regards to the outpouring of economic, social, and political emotions through slogans – the fashion industry agrees that clothing can brighten one’s mood when they are down.

From bright colors that are ideally worn from bottom to top, to feather frippery, frills, and fluff, fashion is being expanded upon for every item you can think of; there’s an abundance of enjoyment being had in the design world. Even the basic supplementation of bold tights will immediately accentuate your closet.

Red is Hot in Workwear

From a mile away, red screams A/W 17. Boldly worn at all catwalk look pieces, this is a colorful concept that truly feels achievable for everyday folk. It’s a flattering color for all skin tones.Many of our range of My Best Friend is a Bag Laptop Bags for Women come in red and would be a stunning way to keep up with this trend. Check out our range here.

Max Mara Fall 2017 Red is hot

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“Business-Suitable” Dress Codes Are Outdated

While this is a slow burning process, on the runways, work-appropriate attire has drastically changed. Blazers were coupled with redesigned short-shorts at Prada, and loose pants inspired by the 1990’s at Tom Ford. Sherbet colors rendered daywear at Céline. Michael Kors gave sarong sequin skirts and lowering tops vastly-cut blazers and slippers.
You can still make fashion fun if you work as an executive.

AquilanoRimondi fall winter 2017 business suitable dress codes are outdated

antonio berardi fall 2017 business suitable dress codes are outdated image from Fashionisers

Flashy and Enjoyable Tights

Shoe and bag trends were everywhere at these shows, but one cheap styling trick was worth noting for this year’s workwear trends: tights used to be an outdated trend, but are now some of the most powerful pieces that keep a wardrobe intact.

fun and flashy tight image from glowsly

Fluff and Feathers

Prada and several other notable fashion names are moving towards exciting ‘touchme’ textures rather than prints. A substantial part of this luxurious trend had a strong presence via a bevy of shearling coats and interesting flourishes on dresses. For your winter-weather needs, you’ll find just the right color and style.

Feathers and fluff