Stylish Office Fashion – Trends You Can Wear to the Office

It’s all very well for magazine editors to show us all the latest trends every month but the reality of life is that most days we get dressed to go to work.  Its not easy coming up with stylish office fashion five days a week!

We may salivate over the wonderful outfits on the runways of Paris and New York but what does that mean for me when I get out of bed and head to the office?

I thought I might have a look at what was on line at Myer this week and choose two of the current trends and see how they worked in the real world.

The Latest Stylish Fashion Trends You Can Wear To The Office


Black Leather Tote Bag for Business

Our fabulous business Tote comes with a dedicated laptop sleeve. Its beauty and brains combined

The first is Graphics.

While I’ve chosen Black and White, but graphics can be any kind of bold contrasting pattern. Just don’t overdo it or you could look like a bit frantic!

You could do the reverse to this as well.  Choose a top or jacket with a graphic print and team it with a plain skirt or pants.

Our fabulous black leather Tote goes beautifully with this outfit.

The second is 60’s Mod.

Black Laptop Bag looks great with any office outfit

Our black Laptop Bag looks great with any office outfit shows that business can be beautiful.

I love the 60’s revival that’s in all the mags. Ideally you should wear lace up boots but I couldn’t find any at Myer.  This dress should be just above the knee as well to fit the look.

At work, we spend most of the day sitting so its great to wear a skirt or dress.  So much more comfortable I think.

I’ve teamed this with our black leather Laptop Bag to turn this outfit from ‘I’m going out to lunch’ to ‘I’m going to a meeting’!

Is there a current fashion trend that’s taken your fancy that you think would work at the office? or not!