5 Reasons To Buy A Vegan Leather Laptop Bag For Women

BfB laptop bags for women and men are made from vegan leather – and we did this for a reason.

Vegan leather is a microfibre material that has been designed as an animal-friendly leather substitute. Although this is one great reason to purchase a vegan leather laptop handbag, we have 5 more fabulous reasons why we make all our laptop bags for women and men with the highest quality vegan leather and why you should consider switching from genuine leather to vegan leather laptop bags.

1. Genuine Leather Bags Are Too Heavy

BfB initially made our laptop bags for women in leather and we discovered that they were just too heavy for most women once they are filled with everything a busy woman needs to get through a work day! If you look at some of the reviews for leather laptop bags for women on Amazon, you will find this is a continual complaint with the leather bags (unless they are incredibly cheap bags, which means they have taken only the very top layer of the leather and stuck it on a synthetic backing – in which case it will start to look shabby, very quickly).

2. Genuine Leather Softens With Wear – A Real Drawback For Laptop Bags for Women

The beauty of genuine leather is that is softens with wear. Although this is beautiful in a fashion handbag, it is a real drawback in a laptop bag. Laptop bags for women made from genuine leather become very squishy and soft and tend to lose their shape, adding further strain on the handles and stitching.

3. A Vegan Leather Laptop Bag is Durable & Easy To Clean

Unlike vegan leather laptop bags, genuine leather laptop bags mark easily if you get caught in the rain. Not to mention they are harder to clean and scratch easily.

4. Using Vegan Leather Makes Our Laptop Bags For Women More Affordable

BfB uses the highest quality brushed nickel hardware on our laptop bags and our zippers are the same as what the high end European designers use.  For example, if our Lindsay Laptop Bag for Women was made from genuine leather it would retail for over $400 – that’s the quality of the craftsmanship that goes into every bag.

The Lindsay Laptop Bag is a complicated structured bag to make – it weighs around 3.8lbs.  The only way to get a laptop bag that is lighter is to go into a synthetic nylon bag – these are definitely lighter but you then compromise on the look!

5. BfB Vegan Leather Is Sourced From The Same Supplier As DKNY, Tory Burch, Tommy Hilfiger & Coach

When we decided to go into vegan leather, our team travelled to Hong Kong for a huge trade fair to find the highest quality supplier we could. The vegan leather we use in our bags is by the same supplier used by DKNY, Tory Burch, Tommy Hilfiger and Coach (to name a few) as not every bag they make is leather for the same reasons as us!

The One Drawback Of Vegan Leather Laptop Bags

The one drawback with vegan leather laptop bags is that with intense, repeated wear, the handles can begin to show signs of wear and tear – having said that, if you wore the same dress, or pair of shoes, every day for a year they would look a bit tired too!  We have worked hard to find ways to stop this happening.  We have changed the construction of the handle and added a layer of extra webbing inside the handle to make it stronger.

Vegan Leather Laptop Bags For Women Handle Construction

Laptop Bag For Women Handle Construction