What to Wear to Work – The Power Suit is Back

I recently read that the Power Suit is Back.

Personally, I’m thrilled.  I’ve always loved dressing up.

I keep harping on about what you wear to work and why its so important to make a killer first impression. Looking sharp in a great suit is a sure way to say you mean business.

That doesn’t mean you have to look too fierce.

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I love the combination of masculine and feminine. I love a masculine jacket, pants, lace up brogues and a soft shirt, or the same suit with killer heels.

Suit jackets with skirts are great too and so comfortable if you spend a lot of time sitting in meetings!

The huge shoulders of the ‘80’s have gone and been replaced with a softer, more feminine, even curvaceous look.

The best thing about a great suit is its versatility. A fabulously cut jacket can look just as great with a pair of jeans on the weekend as it does at the office. And its much easier to get the perfect fit these days as most suits are sold as separates. So if you’re one of those normal people and your bottom is bigger than your top, or vice versa, you can buy the pieces that fit!

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It goes without saying that if you’re investing time and money in what you’re wearing to the office, don’t then waste all that energy on an inappropriate work bag. Our Leather Laptop bags are the perfect choice. They work just as well as a handbag but have all those pockets and sleeves to make your life so much easier.

So visit My Best Friend is a Bag and find the perfect Business Bag to complement your business image and your busy life.  Even if all those around you are still wearing casual clothes to the office, show them what it really means to be a woman who means business.  I’ve always though that half the battle was looking the part!