What to Wear to Work – What Your Business Bag Says About You

One of the major motivations for starting My Best Friend is a Bag and designing our fabulous Leather Shopper Business Bag was whenever I was sitting outside, or leaving the Melbourne South Bank building I used to work in, I would see business women, all dressed really well but carrying a handbag that looked like an empty sack and all their other bits and pieces (laptops, papers and files) in supermarket shopping bags!

leather shopper bag

A BfB Burnt Orange Shopper screams business can be beautiful.

It always gave me a shock that someone would spend so much time and effort to look great and then carry a logo emblazoned shopping bag to and from the office. It immediately gave a totally different impression of the person.

I’ve recently found an article by Kat Griffin of Corporette where she was commenting on the fact that she had recommended a canvass Tote bag to carry all those extra things to and from work and had been shocked by how many women had said they looked cheap and undermined the whole women in business look. For example, you’d never see a man carrying a canvas shopping bag to the office. It was great to know that other women felt as I did.

brown leather tote bag

Chocolate Leather never goes out of fashion.

So, while we all care so much about what our work outfits say about us and what message we are giving off to our co-workers and bosses. What does your bag say about you?

The ‘luxury’ designer bag. While beautiful they are often impractical as a business bag. There are a number of reasons for this. Often the straps are not designed to carry a lot of weight. They’re often not big enough and usually have inadequate pockets inside for all the things you need on a practical, daily basis at work. There’s also the thing about it being too big an investment for the purpose and that it would be more appropriate at the races or in a social environment than at the office.

leather shopping bag

Truffle looks fabulous regardless of the season.


The bag on wheels. While these are incredibly practical if you have heaps to carry on a regular basis, let’s be honest, currently they’re not fashionable and regardless of what else you’re wearing will make you look ‘mumsy’.

Mind you, there are times when your back is more important than how you look but you know the old saying – “Pride knows no pain”, I’m afraid that’s how I feel about these bags (unless I’m travelling). I’ve seen some that have made an attempt to look fashionable but I think they’re still falling a bit short.  Maybe we need a BfB version to bring some fashion into the category!

pink leather shopping bag

This gorgeous watermelon Shopper will bring a ray of sunshine in to the dreariest office.



The backpack. This bag is making a comeback. I’m not talking about a nasty nylon bag emblazoned with sports logos here but a fashionable bag that happens to be a backpack. I’ve got one on the design board now. Again, it needs to be a business specific backpack or you’ll have the same issues with other bags that are not purpose built – nothing really fits properly and it all just falls to the bottom. The thing I love about carrying a load on my back is that the weight is evenly distributed. So give me a beautifully designed business backpack over a business bag on wheels any day. So watch this space for a My Best Friend is a Bag backpack.

What to wear to work – What our bags say about you

So now lets talk about our My Best Friend is a Bag bags.  They are all designed for busy women who have lots to carry. They are stylish and fashionable but still incredibly practical. They tell the world that just just because you mean business, you haven’t abdicated style.  And best of all, you get a huge amount of bag for your buck.

Our Leather Shopper shown in the shots above is the perfect replacement for the nasty supermarket shopping bag. It’s a beautiful big leather bag that can carry as much as you can fit in and still make you look business like. They are currently on the website for only $120. They are made from beautiful, buttery leather in a range of colours that will match whatever you are wearing. There is no excuse now to carry a bag to work that says you wish you were on the beach!

ocelot print leather tote

Out Totes open right up so no more losing everything in the bottom of your bag

Our Laptop Tote Bag. Our Tote has a dedicated sleeve that can be used to carry a 13”laptop or documents and files. There are 3 roomy pockets for your phone, glasses, business cards etc and our special clip for your keys so they are always in easy reach. This bag is designed to open up wide. You can see right to the bottom of it.

Our Leather Laptop Bag. Again, this is designed to show that business can be beautiful. It also has the laptop sleeve, but his time will take up to a 15” laptop. Plus all the same pockets and clip as the Tote but with another zippered pocket on the back. So there is a place for everything. It’s easy to be organised when you’re using one of our Laptop Bags.

So make sure you’re giving the right message with the bag you take to the office.  While you think you’re giving off the vibe of “I’m business and style combined’, make sure your colleagues aren’t seeing ‘I think I’ll put $20 on No 3 in the next race”!