What to Wear to Work – Why Animal Print Works

You can’t open a magazine at the moment without seeing animal print. Every animal known to man, and some that aren’t, are currently on the runways for the next European winter season.

Personally, I love a bit of animal print but seeing so much around has made me ponder a few things.


Natalia Alaverdian (wearing pieces from her own collection A.W.A.K.E)

1. Animal Print and Age.

In all the current shots of European women covered in animal print from head to toe, the women are definitely below 35.

I think this is becoming a new rule. Too much animal print and older women do not mix. It takes you into a whole new fashion space of mutton as lamb!

That’s not to say that the over 35’s can’t wear animal print. We can and should. It just needs to be one piece at a time as a fashion statement not a sentence!

2. Is the Corporate World ready for animal pint? I think so.

animal print at work

Our BfB Leather Laptop Bag and Laptop Tote are always business like.

In moderation it looks fantastic. It gives a very straight, corporate look a bit of a sense of humour. Something that’s incredibly important in any office! One of the advantages of being a woman is being able to bring a bit of your personality into your office wardrobe. Poor men, can only do it with ties and socks!

That’s why My Best Friend is a Bag have some wonderful animal print items in our current range.

Animal Print for Business

ocelot animal print tote

Our animal print bags and accessories keep you smiling in the office.

We have our Ocelot Print Tote Bag. It’s a gorgeous thing that’s as beautiful on the inside as out – just like any best friend should be. Ocelot is one of those prints that goes with anything. It’s stylish without being too obvious. This Tote is made from printed cow hide so its got a wonderful feel. Women who have bought it tell me they find themselves patting it. Very soothing in times of stress!

As well as the Ocelot Print Leather Tote, we also still have some Ocelot iPad Covers still in stock. These are the perfect cover for business women as they come with a handle. You can swing into any boardroom with this in your hand and you’ll have everyone’s attention without saying a word. They’ve been a big seller but we’ve got a few left.

We are down to the last couple of Giraffe Animal Print 13″ Laptop Sleeves. There are also matching Giraffe Accessory Pouches. These have a multitude of uses. They were designed to carry your computer leads and chargers when traveling but they also make great makeup purses and even small clutches to take out at night.

So seriously think about including some Animal Print into your work wardrobe. Show the world you can growl with the best of them!