Work Wear Inspiration

If you haven’t discovered an on-line store called BirdsNest then you’re missing out on a great shopping experience.

This summer they started stocking our bags and we’re thrilled.

The girls at Birds Nest have a great way of showing the products on their site.  They not only do the traditional Dresses, Shirts, Bags, Shoes etc, they also have a section that groups things according to end use.

So if you’re looking for something to wear to the races, or the beach, or a cocktail party then they have made it really easy for you.  In a click there’s a great outfit option with links to everything displayed for you to buy.

Such a great idea – I don’t understand why more retailers don’t do it.

Anyway, that’s not the point.  The point is there is a section called at Work and they have put our bags in with great outfits to wear to work.  It makes is so easy.

Deciding what to wear to work is a decision that most women make 5 days a week yet no-one makes it easy for us to find clothes and bags that look great at the office.


So if you’re lacking inspiration for what to wear to work, have a look at and My Best Friend is a Bag and you can’t go wrong.