Whats In Your Handbag

We’ve got a great new competition on our Facebook page at the moment.  Following on from my recent blog post “Desk Drawer Best Friends”, I want you to tell me what you Can’t Live Without in your Desk Drawers and you could win one of our fabulous bags. How easy is that!

What you can’t live without in your handbag.

We recently ran another competition asking you to tell us what you Can’t Live Without in your Handbags. We got hundreds of responses so I thought you might like to know the results.

We are all addicted to our mobile phones. No surprises there, we never leave home without them and can’t imagine a life without being constantly connected.

The next favourite thing was a surprise to me. Whats in your handbagIt turns out everyone loves a lip gloss or balm. There were various brands and flavours mentioned but it was the constant need to keep our lips moisturised that surprised me. Is it the environment? Or the fact that most of us work in air-conditioned offices? Who knows, but we love a good balm.

Third was our wallet. Again, no surprise there. You can’t get to and from the office without money.

No mention of makeup yet!

Fourth was our Sunnies.

Fifth was a hairbrush.

Sixth was keys.

(Still no mention of makeup!)

Then came hand wipes or sanitizer, pens and tissues.

Finally came various mentions of makeup bits and pieces, like an eyebrow pencil or a blush but nothing substantial. I must be a freak, I have a full make up purse in my bag. Its got a compact foundation, blush, eye pencil and lippy in it. There was only one other person who is like me. I had no idea I was so strange!

There were also a few who had chewing gum, panadol, a personal planner but they were few and far between.

What’s In a My Best Friend is a Bag Bag

Leather Laptop Bag Interior

We’ve got pockets and sleeves for everything you need to help you stay organised

So if you’re like everyone else and need to have your phone, lip balm, sunnies and keys within easy reach, don’t forget that we have pockets inside our bags to make sure they are always at your finger tips. No more having to riffle around in the bottom of your bag trying to find your phone when it rings, or your car keys on a dark night in the car park. They are right there.

Animal Print Laptop Case

Our Giraffe Laptop Sleeve will make you stand out in any office



We’ve also got a special sleeve on the back of our Leather Laptop Case/Compendium. We designed that specifically so you could carry your phone, office key pass and lip gloss with you to every meeting you attend.  What more does a girl need in the boardroom!

That’s why its great to have a Best Friend with you throughout your working day.