Women Helping Women – Why I love the Sisterhood!

I’ve taken delivery of the samples for the next range of My Best Friend is a Bag, fabulous work bags for women.  The hard work has started!

Pink Cross Body iPad Bag

The gorgeous Jules with our new Pink Cross Body iPad Bag

Every bag has to be photographed inside and out, plus you need the ‘fashion’ shots. Those shots that you’ll use for PR and Social Media and every other opportunity that comes along.

When you’re working in a large fashion company this is when the Marketing and PR team take control. There’s usually a team of people who organise all the shoots, book the talent, work out the props, then do the artwork and all that involves. As a new business, we don’t have that luxury. In our case, this is when the sisterhood steps in and shows you what it really means to be a great friend.

Red 17" Laptop Bag for Women

Jodi looking sensational with our new Red Snakeskin and Patent Laptop Bag

Three friends have been my talent. They gave up their weekends to act as models for me. One of my Besties flew down from Sydney for 4 days to be my photographer. They were all amazing and have added so much to the end product. There were also those who have sat in research groups, given feedback on colours and materials, shapes and sizes. My darling sister hears nothing else but BfB on a daily basis and continues to be the backbone of the website and social media – all for love.

Ladies Laptop Tote

Olivia at the end of a huge day making it look easy to look gorgeous with our Teal Laptop Tote

This got me thinking about the Sisterhood and just how important it really is in the life of a working woman. I’ve always had a really strong belief in supporting other women, particularly in the workplace. Its always a shock to me when I come across another female who just doesn’t get the ‘sisterhood’ thing. Those who are now responsible for the ‘Stiletto Ceiling’ that seems to be creeping into modern organisations. I don’t understand what they’re afraid of. Nothing gives you more of a thrill than to see someone you have mentored and encouraged, grow wings and soar. They’re not a threat to you, they are your greatest allies and more often than not, lifelong friends.

So to all of you fabulous women, thanks for supporting this new Australian Company that’s producing bags designed to help make your life at work and play, a little bit easier and more organised.