Why The Jennifer Is The Most Versatile Women’s Tote Bag For Business You’ll Ever Find!

A busy working woman needs a dedicated work bag – a really versatile women’s Tote bag for business.

We all love designer handbags – they’re a beautiful investment piece that should last you for years. However they are not meant to be used on a daily basis to carry all your bits and pieces to and from the office, nor are they designed to carry a laptop. If you’re taking your expensive designer handbag to the office, you are doing it a terrible disservice. For a start, the handles won’t be designed to carry a lot of weight and by filling it with files and laptops you are possibly doing structural damage to it.

I used to sit outside a large accounting firm to have a coffee daily and watched women who really cared about how they looked at the office – they were wearing fabulous outfits, carrying an expensive designer bag – and then they had their files and laptop in a shopping bag! That’s when I decided to design The Jennifer.

Jennifer Womens Tote Bag for Business in Black

The Jennifer looks like a great Tote – but she’s so much more.

Firstly, the straps are designed to carry weight – they are double stitched, padded and reinforced.

Secondly, the bag itself has 3 zippered compartments.

Compartment 1 is designed for all your personal bits and pieces. There are 3 internal pockets for your phone, glasses, business cards etc – one is big enough to carry all a larger cell phone or will even fit a small water bottle. There’s a special clip for your keys so you never lose them in the bottom of your bag again. And with all this, there’s still room for your wallet, makeup bag, tissues and all those other things that you need on a daily basis.

Compartment 2 is padded and will hold an iPad/Tablet or a really large smart phone, Kindle or any of those other electronic devices that we can’t live without. If you don’t carry one of these, it’s still a really handy, zippered section for your wallet – if you want to keep it separate and handy. If I’m on a shopping spree I use this section for shopping dockets. When I’m travelling it’s where I put my passport and boarding pass.

Compartment 3 is padded and will hold your 13 inch laptop easily. Again, this is why this bag is so versatile. When I don’t need to carry my laptop, this section just reverts to being part of my handbag.

Jennifer Womens Tote Bag for Business in Red

I use a Jennifer as my daily handbag. Then when I’m going to a meeting, or travelling – she becomes a laptop bag. The Jennifer transforms from a daily handbag to a work bag effortlessly.

The Jennifer is made from the highest quality Faux Leather (and we’ve done this for a reason – faux leather is lightweight, durable and waterproof while still looking as fabulou as a leather bag that costs considerably more that will scuff and mark with constant use). The Jennifer Business Tote is Currently available in Black and Red with Caramel coming into the range in time for Christmas 2016.

Like all our bags The Jennifer is stylish and fashionable on the outside and practical and fun on the inside – just like a Best Friend should be.

Shop The Jennifer Women’s Tote Bag for Business in Red

Shop The Jennifer Women’s Tote Bag for Business in Black