The Best Business Bag For Women & Useful Work Bag Essentials

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The Best Business Bag For Women

Before we get started on the most useful work bag essentials, the first step is finding the best business bag for women. Lugging your laptop and iPad around can be cumbersome but also completely necessary for many people. The trick to making this as painless as possible is to find a lightweight and durable bag that can comfortably carry your laptop and all of your essential items. Another key feature is to find a work bag for women that has all the pockets and compartments to keep these essential items safe, neat and easily accessible. Padded sleeves for your laptops and tablets will keep your electronics safe at all times and a handy clip for your keys will ensure you never have to fish around your bag when you arrive home or get to your car at night. Finally, you want a work bag that is stylish and oozes quality and class. My Best Friend is a Bag has a gorgeous range of business bags for women that possess all these qualities of a perfect work bag and more.

BfB Laptop Work Bag for Women Range

Melinda, our 15 inch Laptop Shoulder Bag has so many features its hard to single anything out. The fact that she has 2 padded laptop sleeves makes her perfect for work or travel. There’s so much room in her that you could use her for an overnight bag as well. She’s the ultimate combination of fashion and function. Melinda comes in Black or Red.

Black Business Bag For Women

Lindsay, our 17 Inch Ladies Laptop Bag is all style and glamor on the outside and sensible practicality on the inside. She’s a stunning ladies Laptop Bag with heaps of room for everything you need to carry through the busy working day. Lindsay comes in Grey Snakeskin and Red.

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Finally,  Jennifer is a beautiful Tote that happens to also be a great laptop or iPad/Tablet Bag. Use her as an everyday work handbag or as a laptop bag – the choice is yours. Added to that is a 2nd padded sleeve for a larger smartphone, iPad or Tablet and she’s the only bag you’ll need for day or night. Jennifer comes in Black or Red.

Red Work Bag for Woman

Useful Work Bag Essentials

1. Laptop/ Tablet

A Laptop or Tablet will ensure you can get your work done anywhere and at anytime. They are also great for a cheeky Netflix binge on your way to work!

2. Cellphone, Emergency Charger & Headphones

There is not much to say about a cellphone because unless you live in the dark ages, you probably have one and it’s probably the one thing you can’t live without. But what’s a cellphone without any battery? So, always pack a charger because it may save your day (from draining your battery watching Netflix on the commute) or even save a colleague’s day.  Not to mention the kudos you may get if this particular colleague happens to be your boss! Just remember, wrap a colourful piece of tape or sticker around the cord of your charger, so it can be easily identified – Guaranteed, there will be a time when you lend it to someone and they confidently claim it as their own. Finally, pack a pair of headphones, they come in really handy if you need to switch to handsfree while writing/typing notes. Plus, your commuter friends probably don’t want you to spoil the next episode of Orange is the New Black.

3. Wallet

Well, there isn’t much to say here except – you need money!

4. Make Up Bag

You don’t want to cart around every piece of makeup you have ever owned, just bring the essentials– concealer, mascara, lipstick/lip gloss, contacts and most importantly sunscreen – you know, to prevent cancer and all.

5. Sunglasses

Sun glare is a shocker! It can give you a cracker of a headache and leave massive frown lines. So, sunglasses are a definite work bag essential.

6. Deodorant/Perfume

A stressful meeting, an embarrassing moment or super hot day could envoke the very serious need to freshen up with more deodorant. If there is a choice between perfume and deodorant, I pick deodorant every time….perfume just doesn’t cut it. Nevertheless, a quick spritz of perfume before going out to dinner after a long day at work can really brighten things up. Consider buying a perfume travel pack and keeping a small bottle in your make up bag to save space.

6. Mini Umbrella

You never know when you will be caught in a downpour or even just a light spray will do series damage to your perfectly straightened hair. Until you start bringing an umbrella everywhere you go, you won’t realize how many uses they have. You have no idea how handy my umbrella was in a Chinese public toilet with no doors…I’m sure you can imagine how grateful I was for my temporary umbrella-door… but that’s a story for another day.

7. Breath Mints & Mini Floss

There is nothing worse than being known as “Bad Breathe Betty”. Don’t let garlic or onion breathe get in the way of communicating with your colleagues. You want them focused on what you have to say rather than how quickly they can remove themselves from your path. Also, pick up a mini dental floss from you local gas station or supermarket because going out with clients and spending the rest of the day picking that pesky piece of food lodged in your teeth can get pretty awkward.

8. Baby Wipes

You may think baby wipes are something only Mom’s carry around but I am here to tell you, they are simply lucky enough to have discovered the almighty brilliance that is baby wipes. The uses are endless – make up remover; portable shower; emergency toilet paper; emergency cloth for when you drop food on your desk or clothes; napkins and tissue substitutse; instead of a cold washer on the back of your neck on hot days- use a baby wipe… the list goes on. The best thing of all, they are much cheaper that make up removal wipes. Trust me and the millions of moms out there, baby wipes are the bomb!

9. Flats

If you are a heels girl and use public transport to get to work, then you may want to add a pair of flats to your work bag essentials. Not only will they save your feet, you can also throw them on if you break a heel.

10. Headache Medication

Having a headache at work can really put a dampener on your day and almost guarantee reduced productivity. Keep a couple on hand to keep your headaches at bay.

11. Energy Boost Vitamin Patch

I am a huge fan of the Red Energy Patch from Live Love Thrive. The all natural patches give you a boost in energy, help you focus and fight fatigue. I always keep one on hand if I know that I will be pulling a late night at the office, go out for dinner after work or going away on a business trip. They are slow release vitamin patches that last up to 12 hours and give you up to 10 times more nutrient absorption than pills or energy drinks. Plus, there is no sugar, no calories and unlike energy drinks, you don’t crash and burn when it wears off.