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Designed by a Woman for Women


As an all female-owned company, here at My Best Friend is a Bag; we understand what women want in terms of handbags and bags for business. We have an extensive range of laptop bags for women and other computer bags for women – some of which are made from custom made vegan leather. If you have a larger laptop, we have a 17-inch laptop bag for women and for those of you who demand something just a little bit extra special, we have a women’s leather laptop bag and women’s designer laptop bags. To put it simply, whatever you want when it comes to laptop bags for women, we have the lot!

When it comes to bags for business needs, we know that they must be practical, but we all want it to be fashionable too. Ladies laptop bags should look stylish while also being very reasonably priced. We have a women’s laptop Tote bag, a Kate Spade laptop bag, neoprene laptop bag as well as a very stylish women’s laptop messenger bag, none of which will break the bank. All the computer bags for women that we stock are made to the highest standards so they will age well.

Ladies laptop bags are designed to carry out several different roles. It must have room for your mobile phone, your purse and your glasses as well as anything else that you will need daily. A women’s laptop messenger bag is perfect for this with several of our women’s designer laptop bags even including a special pocket for keys to stop all the frustrating rummaging around to find your keys after a hard day’s work.

Our 17-inch laptop bag for women and our neoprene laptop bag have additional padding which will protect your laptop, iPad or anything else of value. The extra padding doesn’t mean that any space is sacrificed, so there will still be plenty of space for all your personal belongings. In our experience, many clients have complained about the length of the handles on many ladies laptop bags. The women’s laptop Tote bag, women’s leather bag and our Kate Spade laptop bag all have handles that are the perfect length.

We are firm believers that you get what you pay for, so any bag that you purchase from us will have been designed by women for women. It will be handmade from the highest quality materials, and as we sell of our products direct to the customer, we cut out the “middlemen”. Therefore, you get top quality ladies laptop bag at the best possible price! We currently ship all of our products through an experienced and reliable third party distributor giving you that added peace of mind.

If you would like more information about our range of computer bags for women, we would invite you to browse our online store. If you have any questions or special requests you can email us on or alternatively, you can contact us directly via our website. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with all of your bags for business needs