14 Stylish and Chic Office Desk Accessories

April 25, 2019

14 Stylish and Chic Office Desk Accessories

We all know you’re great at your job!  You know you’re fierce and fabulous!  If your office desk is a mess and covered files, yesterday’s lunch and empty coffee cups, or your office accessories are dull and boring –  then that’s how your colleagues will perceive you.  There’s more involved in rising to the top than just being good at your job – harsh but true!

 Whether you work in a busy office or you’re a freelancer working from home we’re here to help with some great desk and office accessories that are chic and stylish – just like you!


  • The Best Work ToteOur Charli Tote is all style on the outside and all business on the inside – she’ll be your best friend for your daily commute and at the Office.  Charli is a chic combination of texture and shine, total zipper closure and pockets and sleeves for everything a busy woman needs to carry daily.  Everyone will know that you’re a woman who means business.

Work Tote for Women

  • The Best Laptop Bag:  Inside every successful woman is someone who is practical and pragmatic.  You worked out a long time ago that something that looks good but has no substance is a waste of time in both people and things!  Enter the Leigh Laptop Bag.  Practical perfection in every way from her custom-made neoprene outer that makes her lightweight, shockproof and waterproof to her beautiful, fun interior.  Her beauty is more than skin deep!

 Red Laptop Bag

  • The Best Attache case/laptop sleeveHandmade using genuine leather with a stunning double -sided tassel, this leather clutch screams style!  Like everything from BfB, her uses are infinite!  Laptop Case, Attache case, Evening Clutch – the list goes on and on.

 Leather Laptop Case


YOUR DESKTOP: You can hide a multitude of sins in your desk drawers, but what’s on the top is there for the world to see – make sure they see accessories that say business/ style/ smart/ professional. Your fur baby might be the most important thing in your life but the office is not the place to display it – again harsh but true!

  • Matching Desk Accessories: Pick a color and stick to it!  It can be bright and bold or dark and sophisticated as long as everything matches and co-ordinates.  Great accessories have a number of uses:  they make you feel good AND they help you stay organized. 
Gold Desk Set
  • Keep your Laptop Bag or Tote close: rather than throwing your bag onto the floor under your desk – hang it!  Hanging your bags helps them keep their shape.

Handbag Hook
  • A Great Pinboard –a pin board has a number of uses:  it keeps important papers where you can see them; It can add elegance and style to your desk area; and it can include some inspirational images and quotes to stimulate productivity and creativity: 
    • Stylish Pinboard Pins: Use co-ordinated pins on your board to complete your stylish look

     Office Board Pins

    • A Great Magnetic Whiteboard –all the same reasons as a Pinboard – it just depends on you and your needs.
      • Stylish Whiteboard Magnets:  -white boards tend to be messy – it’s the combination of papers and writing that’s hard to keep looking stylish.  It helps if you’ve got some great magnets.

    Whiteboard Magnets 


    • Stay Hydrated: Air-conditioning and heating really dry you out.  Did you know that 90% of the headaches you suffer at work are caused by dehydration?  You need a great drink bottle that you have on your desk, can take to meetings and if you’ve got a long commute, can fit in your BfB work Tote.

    Infuser Drink Bottle

    • Stay Calm and Focussed: The role of aromatherapy has been validated.  Essential Oils aid in everything from anxiety to focus and energy.  Whatever you issue is, there’s an essential oil that will help.   
      • Desk Humidifier- this  will also help with the effect of air-conditioning and heating by adding moisture to the air while the essential oil will enhance your mood

    Desk Humidifier 

      • Aromatherapy Roller –If you’re looking for something more discrete, an aromatherapy roller for your wrists will work beautifully for you

       Aroma Therapy Rollers

        • Daily Inspiration: They say that an inspirational quote first thing in the morning can change the whole direction of your day.  Give it a go – you’ve got nothing to lose!

      Inspirational Desk Quotes  


      Times have changed.  We now need to be mindful daily of our personal health and wellbeing when we're at the office.  We need to keep our Immunity Strong to fight of viruses, colds and flu and these transdermal patches do that and more!  They're also full of Antioxidants that stop you ageing from the inside out.  They're the Win Win Patch - they keep your resistance to nasties high, while slowing down the ageing process.  What have you got to lose!

      Immune Booster Patch




      Every night before you finish for the day take 5 minutes to sort out your desktop – put everything back in its place.  It signals to your brain that your work day is over and its time for some relaxation and recharging!  Then wipe it all down with some naturally antibacterial scented cleaning wipes. I read somewhere that there is more bacteria on most people’s desks than in the bathroom!  Not only will your desk be clean and germ free, it will smell great and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running the next morning – a win win!


      Aromatherapy Wipes 


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