10 Ways to Stay Safe and Healthy When You're Travelling On Business

January 25, 2021

10 Ways to Stay Safe and Healthy When You're Travelling On Business

There is nothing worse than feeling poorly when you’re away from home on business. The chances of picking up some bug at an airport on a plane seems to have increased enormously in recent years and while hotel rooms are cleaned daily when you’re in a new city or country, your resistance to local bugs is challenged. 

We’re here to help with a few great suggestions on easy ways to stay healthy and happy when you’re away from home. 

  • The Best Travel Laptop Bag: Our Sarah Laptop Bag is the perfect size, shape and weight for travel.  She will take up  a 17 inch laptop, has pockets and sleeves for everything you need to carry on the plane and to meetings and weighs only 2lbs – you can literally hold her with one finger!  Did we mention she’s made from neoprene which makes her shock proof, water proof and hand washable?
  • The Best Travel Tote: Our Jennifer Tote has been designed for travel.  She’s only 11 inch high which means she can fit under most airline seats.  She’ll take a 13 inch laptop, an iPad/Tablet and still have heaps of room for all your personal bits and pieces.  One of the pockets will even hold your passport.

Staying healthy on the Plane:

  • The Best Antibacterial Wipes: Not only do these gorgeous Lavender wipes smell great, they will wipe out all the bugs on your plane tray table and handles – and you can use them to wipe down the counter in your hotel bathroom and bedside tables.l
  • The Best Antibacterial spray: This pump pack is discrete but packs a huge punch.  Give your seat and the area around it, a good spray.  When you get to the airport, spray your bed and pillows!   People may raise their eyebrows but you’ll be the one laughing when they all come down with a shocking cold after they arrive!
  • Keep hydrated with this collapsible water bottle. They won’t let you take water bottles through airport security anymore but you can fill these up as as soon as you’re through to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the flight and going to and from work commitments when you land
  • If you’re travelling for longer than 1 hour, seriously consider wearing some compression socks or stockings. They look great these days and promote blood flow from the feet to your heart and prevent swelling of your feet and ankles – they are also great if you’re walking a lot at your destination as they keep muscles from getting sore.

Staying Happy at the Hotel:

  • The Best Travel Humifier. Hotel rooms tend to be totally sealed and you rely on air-conditioning to breath.  The air can be really dry so taking along a travel humidifier can make life so much more enjoyable – particularly if you are trying to work from your hotel room. 
  • Hotel Rooms can also smell a bit chemically sterile – why don’t you think about taking a beautiful scented travel candle with you. Aromatherapy candles can also help you relax and unwind after a torrid day working.
  • Wellness should start from the inside out!: The best Vitamin Patches.  These slow release, transdermal vitamin patches are perfect for travel.  They take up no room in your briefcase/travel tote and are 10 x more effective than a capsule or tablet. 
  • When all else fails and you still get sick then you need to make sure you’ve got a great little medical kit with you.

Even if you love travelling, business travel can be stressful  - hopefully, our list will help make it easier and more enjoyable.