June 10, 2019


We all love to see what’s coming in the way of colors and silhouettes but it's hard to work out how they might work for you at the office.  We’re here to help with our take on the latest trends for Summer Fall and Winter 2019 and how they translate to what to wear to work.


Tight Skirts with Blazers:

In all the Fashion Week Parades, the slim bottom silhouette was created with bicycle shorts – the same look can be created with a slim fitting skirt.  Pair it with a blazer and you’ve got a really elegant look that’s also comfortable to wear:

 Blazer and Slim Skirt

Cinched Waste and Shoulder Pads

Take the look one step further up the fashion ladder by pulling in the waist of the jacket in and adding a shoulder-pad to emphasise the look

 Cinched Waist Jacket


Make Sure your Bag adds to the Look:

The final touch to really tell the world you mean business is a great Work Tote and we’ve got the best there is!  A BfB Tote shouts business style on the outside and functionality on the inside and helps you stay organized while you lead your busy life.

 Charli laptop Tote Black




Unisex is back but with a fun, preppy twist.  Nothing looks better than a woman in a masculine suit – but with a touch of humour and fun!  There’s something fierce and fabulous about a woman who feels confident enough to look powerful as well as be powerful.

green preppy suit

TREND NO 3:  The 80’s

 Animal Print

Animal Print just keeps coming back again and again and again.  It never really goes away although it can be hard to make it work in an office environment.  You can't go wrong with a wrap dress - they suit every figure and the animal print looks stylish and sophisticated.

Animal Print dress

You don't have to wear the animal print to hit the right fashion note, you can carry it!  Our beautiful Lindsay Laptop Bag has just the right balance of pattern and shine to make you stand out in any office and show the world that just because you mean business you haven't abdicated style!

Lindsay Laptop Bag Red

Boiler Suits

There are boiler suits that make you look like a tradesman and there are boiler suits that look like a beautiful suit – they  are incredibly comfortable to wear and look great in an office environment.

boiler suits for women

Purple and Lilac

Lilac is everywhere this summer and is then morphing into Purple for the upcoming fall and winter. 

Mauve shirt


Purple for winter

Brights and Paisley

Paisley is such a fun pattern but its easy to overdo it -here’s some suggestions on bringing the fun of paisley into the office while still looking stylish and sophisticated

Paisley Shirt 

The Perfect Laptop Case for all your Office Needs:

Our handmade leather laptop sleeve doubles as a fabulous office carrying case - its paisley interior makes a huge fashion statement.

Macbook Sleeve


Small Bags

Some small bags are so small all you can carry is a lipstick – great for going out at night but for the office you need a few more necessities.  Have a look at our Lucy Bag as a great compromise – its small and compact but every square inch is practical  from the inbuilt wallet to the padded section for your tablet, iPad or smart phone.

cross body iPad Bag


What to wear to work is a dilemma we face everyday.  We need to stay in touch with fashion trends but not be too slavish in the way we adapt them for the office.  I hope this helps give you some ideas on how your work wardrobe can be both fashionable and functional - just like our fabulous BfB Work Bags.