June 10, 2019


Our beautiful, handmade bags are made from Custom-Made Cruelty-Free Premium Vegan Leather – and we did this for a reason.

Vegan leather is a microfibre material that has been designed as an animal-friendly leather substitute. Although this is one great emotional reason to purchase a vegan leather laptop handbag, we have 6 more fabulous reasons why we make all our bags with the highest quality vegan leather and why you should consider switching from genuine leather to vegan leather laptop bags and work bags in general.

  1. We Custom-Make our Vegan Leather.  No cheap, imitation PU for us and our Designer Laptop Bags.  When we couldn’t find materials that were high enough quality to durable,  long-lasting and  look beautiful - WE MADE OUR OWN.  This way, we can guarantee that our bags will not only look beautiful, they will last the distance
 Vegan leather Laptop Tote
  1. Our Vegan Leather Keeps its Shape – one of the reasons we all love genuine leather is because it gets softer and squishier with age – Just what you DON’T WANT in a great work bag. A laptop bag needs to keep its shape so that the laptop sleeve stays firm and the body of the bag keeps your files from bending and crushing.  Most importantly, your bag needs to stay looking professional and glamorous no matter how torrid the day, week or month – just like you!

Red Work tote


  1. Vegan Leather is waterproof and easy to clean. The sun doesn’t always shine and getting to and from the office, or to and from a meeting in the rain is hard enough without your bag acting like a sponge and absorbing water (think leather and nylon bags!).  With a BfB bag, water will run off the bag and all you need to do is wipe it down when you’re safely inside.


black laptop bag for women 

  1. Our Vegan Leather looks exactly like its Genuine Leather equivalent. Our Jennifer Totes are made from Vegan Saffiano Leather – If you stand our Jennifer Tote beside a well-known European Designer (hint: starts with P and ends with A!) Saffiano Patterned Bag - you will not be able to tell the difference.  The same goes for our Lindsay’s Vegan Snakeskin and Patent Leather and our Charli Vegan Lizard and Patent Leather.  We know this is true as we have used their bags as the benchmark for our Custom Made materials – we have Consumer Research tested our material against theirs and know that you cannot tell the difference – except for the price of the finished bag!


Navy Work Tote 

  1. Our Bags don’t scuff and mark like a leather bag. Most cheaper genuine leather bags are made from inferior graded leather – this leather scuffs and marks easily and is impossible to clean without leaving a mark or taking out the color on the bag.  Even expensive designer Leather bags mark and scuff – in fact the more expensive the leather, the harder it is to maintain.  Not our bags – they are hardy and durable and most scuffs and marks are easily removed with a warm, soapy cloth.  Best of all, the color will never fade from our bags!

 black work tote

  1. Our Handles have been made to carry heavy weights. In any handbag – no matter how expensive – the handles are always the first thing to show wear and tear.  This is particularly true of a cheap PU Laptop Bag or Tote.  Busy, working women carry their world in their bags.  Not just laptop computers (which are often heavy) but files and folders, makeup purses, glasses, wallets, drink bottles and normal handles just can’t cope.  That’s why we double-stitch and double-reinforce our handles – they won’t stretch or split.   Like any bag – even our handmade, reinforced straps have a lifespan and this is why we now make replacement handles for our bags.  A new set of bag straps will make your BfB Bag look brand new – if only all facelifts were this easy!

 detachable straps

Women often comment that our bags are expensive for a Vegan Leather Bag but hopefully you’ll now understand that while our bags are not leather, they are actually more bespoke and custom than 90% of the leather competition and all of the cheap PU bags out there! 

You get what you pay for with a BfB Bag – a bag that has been designed by a woman and manufactured in a Female Owned Company, using the highest quality custom materials. The result is a bag that is incredible value for money – due to our policy of selling direct to you without any ‘middle men’ adding their commission!